Best Cybersecurity Courses Online in 2023

By | April 6, 2023

Check out here the list of the Best Cybersecurity Courses Online in 2023.

In today’s era, cybersecurity has become the most pressing issue affecting organizations, businesses, and consumers. Year after year, the number of cyber attacks ransomware, fraud, malware, identity theft, and even more continues to rise. Nowadays, millions of businesses of all sizes have cybersecurity experts and other roles in cybersecurity to protect their businesses from cybercrime. But, everyone can need to earn a cybersecurity course from an accredited university or institution to become a cybersecurity expert or any other role in cybersecurity.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is referred to as the practice of defending computers, laptops, mobile devices, servers, networks, electronic systems, and data from cyber attacks, including fraud, malware, identity theft, and ransomware. On the other hand, cyber security is the online application of technologies, processes, and controls to protect computers, laptops, mobile devices, servers, networks, electronic systems, and data from cyber-attacks. Currently, all sizes of businesses take help from cyber security technologies, processes, and practices to protect their businesses from cyber-attacks.

At the present, everyone needs to learn cyber security courses to start careers in cyber security. After completing cyber security courses, everyone can work for businesses that are looking for cyber security roles to protect their businesses.

If you are interested in learning how to protect yourself and your businesses from cybercrime then you need to pursue a degree in cyber security from an accredited university or institution. Today, we will talk about the best cybersecurity courses available online in 2023.

Most Popular CyberSecurity Courses Online for Beginners in 2023

When you search for the best cyber security courses online, your search ends here. We’ve shared a list of the most popular online cybersecurity courses so that you can quickly see which are valuable for your time.

Let’s introduce a list of the best cyber security courses online for beginners in 2023.

StationX VIP Membership

This is one of the most popular online platforms that give unlimited access to hundreds of cybersecurity courses, which include penetration testing, ethical hacking, and even more. Every beginner can learn cyber security courses from this platform.

This offers excellent cyber security courses, including teaching ethical hacking, networking, penetration testing, digital forensics, security coding, and incident response. For beginners, we recommend starting their journey with The Complete Cyber Security Course! Which is the famous cyber security course on this platform?

The complete Cyber Security Course includes some modules, including Hackers Exposed, Anonymous Browsing, Network Security, and End Point Protection.

Additionally, you can get memberships to access unlimited cybersecurity courses at the cost of $90–$2,000.

Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization From Coursera

One of the most useful platforms in online courses, Coursera gives access to unlimited courses in cyber security. This is an excellent platform preferred by millions of online learners to learn online courses at the best prices. On Coursera, everyone can access the best cybersecurity courses after submitting the costs of the courses.

For beginners, we suggest considering the introduction to cyber security specialization to gain knowledge of cyber security. “The Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization” consists of four courses – Introduction to Cyber Attacks, Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation, Cyber Attack Countermeasures, and Enterprise and Infrastructure Security.

Additionally, everyone can take many individual courses on Coursera for free. To get a membership on Coursera, you can need to pay costs between $39 and $79 per month for each specialization.

Cyber Aces Online From SANS

SANS is another online course provider, especially named to offer cyber security courses at reasonable prices. This provider covers security fundamentals around networking, system admin, and operating systems.

SANS Cyber Aces Online courses are being offered by the SANS institute for free for beginners. If you are interested in learning cyber security courses, you can take the SANS Cyber Aces Online course for free.

SANS Cyber Aces Online course consists of the fundamentals of cyber security, such as Operating Systems, System Administration, and Networking. Also, this course can give the concepts of the introduction of cyber security online.

Essentials of Cybersecurity Form edX

edX is the most popular cyber security course provider in the world. Many students can learn several online courses from this platform. This platform is the best source for getting a degree in courses from accredited universities. Many cyber security courses present on edX are designed by various colleges.

If you are looking for the best cyber security course online, edX is a great source for learning online cyber security fundamentals and concepts. The initial cost of edX Essentials of Cybersecurity courses starts at $716.40 (usually $796). The edX offers many cybersecurity courses, including Introduction to Cybersecurity, Building a Cybersecurity Toolkit, and Finding Your Cybersecurity Career Path.

Heimdal Cyber Security

Heimdal is a reputable online course provider in 2023. This gives various technologies and intelligence in the fight against cyber fraud, malware, identity theft, and even more. This platform is now offering its handy Cyber Security Course for beginners free of cost.

Everyone can learn cyber security basics, tools and tactics, and how to explore the internet and server safely from Heimdal Cyber Security. You can take a cyber security course online at this firm that is reputable in providing excellent online courses.

Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity – Cybrary

Cybrary is another popular online course provider in 2023. This firm offers the introduction to IT and Cybersecurity courses online for students looking for the best online courses in cybersecurity. If you are interested in debating a career in cybersecurity, this course could be a great fit for you. The course is designed to help individuals decide between the main areas of cyber security. This course consists of the four primary disciplines in a modular format.

Additionally, the Cybrary Introduction to IT and Cyber Security can be taken at the cost of $59 per month.

To conclude:

Finally, we can say that all the shared cybersecurity courses are now available online for people, especially beginners. These cyber securities courses are really great sources for building careers in cyber security.


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