Top Security Guard Jobs with No Prior Experience

By | December 30, 2023

The entire globe is experiencing a shortfall of skilled security guards. Several individuals want to grab security guard jobs in various industries. In the modern era, security guards make a huge income by performing many tasks, from monitoring property entrances and securing all exits, doors, and windows to inspecting and patrolling premises regularly.

Landing a good job is not easier than ever, especially if you are starting your journey from scratch. Fortunately, these security job opportunities near you are paying great wages and require little to no prior experience. You can find the top security guard job with an online search.

This article will show the list of the top security guard jobs that do not need to have prior experience.

Why People Choose The Security Guard Jobs?

People choose security guard jobs for a variety of reasons, often driven by a mix of personal motivations, practical considerations, and the diverse opportunities the field offers. Here is a just:

  • Steady income and reliable hours
  • Great work and contribution
  • Relatively low barrier to entry
  • Training and advancement opportunities

Popular Top Security Guard Jobs To Take In 2024

If you are looking for top security guard jobs with a great hourly wage and flexible hours, there are many security guard roles to choose from.

Take a look at the top security guard jobs with no prior experience.

Retail Security Jobs:

The retail industry has become the most in demand over the past decades. The industry includes many companies that hire a range of security guards to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and goods. It’s a dynamic and often challenging sector to get security guard jobs. Even with no prior experience, everyone can land a good retail security job.

Security guards are the most in-demand at shopping malls, department stores, and supermarkets. Guards at shopping malls, supermarkets, and department stores are responsible for several tasks, including monitoring cameras, assisting staff, resolving customer disputes, deterring shoplifting, and ensuring overall safety. Also, they have excellent skills, including proactive, good communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and customer service to perform better their duties.

This position does not require any special industry knowledge or experience. Some companies in the retail industry only prefer a high school diploma for security guards. You’ll discover the best security guard job in the retail industry if the retail environment suits you. Guards in the retail make $17.77 an hour in the US.

Corporate Security Jobs:

Corporate security is a dynamic and often challenging sector. There are many security guard jobs to choose from. This industry hires a wide range of security guards with better salary packages. Security guards in the corporate sector are responsible for many tasks, from maintaining the safety of office buildings and monitoring security cameras to responding to incidents. You can even land the perfect corporate security job with no prior experience.

The common duties of security guards in the corporate businesses are here:

Guarding buildings, assets, and personnel, patrolling access control, and emergency response

Closely maintaining the safety of office buildings, monitoring security cameras, and responding to incidents

Planning for and mitigating disruptions to business operations

In addition to these duties, there are many responsibilities for security guards in the corporate companies.

Most companies require a high school diploma for security guards! If you would like to work in corporate companies as a security guard, consider choosing the guard job.

Event Security Jobs:

Event security can be a thrilling and dynamic career choice for many people. This dynamic field offers several security guard jobs with better wages. Event security guard jobs are another avenue worth exploring. Consider event security jobs if you enjoy being in the middle of the action. Security guards at games, sports, concerts, and festivals play crucial roles in ensuring attendees’ safety. At present, many event security guards are hired to ensure attendees’ safety. Even without experience, you can land a good event security job.

Also, event guards get many benefits while working on any event. If you like to work as an event security, consider landing a good event security guard job.

Event security guards are responsible for protecting the premises during an event by completing activities like identifying trespassers, encompassing crowd control, preventing violence, monitoring prohibited activities, and observing suspicious activity.

With excellent communication and interpersonal skills, you can land an excellent event security job. Besides this, event security guards make $18.35 an hour in the US.

Start Your Career As A Security Guard

If you are ready to start your career as a security guard, there is the right to start! Entering the world of security guard jobs with no prior experience might seem daunting, but it is an accessible and dynamic career way. There are many high-paying security guard jobs waiting for you. Be patient, persistent, and focused on your goals. With dedication and the right preparation, you can successfully launch your career as a security guard and contribute to a safer and more secure community.

In Conclusion:

This is just a guide to the top security guard jobs. These jobs are the most in-demand due to several reasons. In fact, these offer high salaries. It’s recommended to check all aspects of security guard jobs before making decisions.