Contract Management Software for Businesses of All Levels

By | June 17, 2024

Nowadays, contract management software tools are expanding due to their uses in businesses of all levels. These practical digital tools can help businesses digitize and store all contracts in a central repository. These tools can help them make creating, tracking, and monitoring contracts easier than ever before. Try an online search to find what contract management system is available today.

Are you looking for the best contract management software for your business? Check out below the list of the top contract management system tools that can help your business manage all kinds of projects.

Why Do Businesses Choose Contract Management Software?

Contract management software is growing due to its uses for businesses of all levels. It helps them automate contract-related tasks, such as digitizing, creating, tracking, and storing all contracts in a central repository. In addition to automating contract-related tasks, it can help the business handle contract portfolios and monitor compliance with contractual norms.

What is Contract Management software?

Contract management software usually requires businesses to streamline communications with contract parties and make the process of contract easy.

The contract management system is a process that allows businesses to automate, digitize, and store all contracts’ lifecycles by unifying all allied activities onto a single platform. It can help organizations streamline the process of digitizing, creating, tracking, and storing all contracts.

Contract Management Software To Consider

Certain contract management software tools can help you streamline communications with current and potential contract parties. Here, we assisted with the list of the top contract management systems.

1. DocuSign

Price: From $15 to $40

DocuSign, commonly known as DocuSign CLM, is one of the most popular contract management software. It is used to build templates, keep a real-time audit trail, collect payments, and more. Many businesses use it for current and new tasks, including creating, tracking, and storing all contracts because it is easy to use and rich with practical tools. It offers three plans which include Personal, Standard, and Business Pro. In addition, its plan range can be from $10 to $40. If you’re looking for the best contract management software, DocuSign may offer everything that you want to take.



Process

Custom Branding

Document Signing

Integration APIs and a lot more.

2. PandaDoc

Price: $19 per user per month

PandaDoc is the best contract management software that enables businesses of all sizes to create proposals, quotes, contracts, and more. It has a drag-and-drop contract editing interface and a one-click payment collection, which make it more popular than other software.

It comes with low-price plans, including unlimited eSignatures, unlimited document uploads, and payments for businesses of all sizes. In addition, this software offers a business tier in which businesses of all levels can add custom branding and approval workflows for $49 per month.


PandaDoc offers a range of features, which are:

Process

Signature Document Creation

Document Signing

Mobile Signatures and a lot more.

3. Agiloft

Price: $65 per user/month

Agiloft is an ideal contract management system for those who want to take customized contract tools. It has code-free features that can help users customize everything, from reports to workflows. This software is based on the cloud, which can be accessed from any computer remotely.

Agiloft is one of the oldest serving contract management software companies in the game that seamlessly integrates with Google and Microsoft software suites too.

It has three pricing plans – the entry-level Essentials plan, the popular advanced plan, and the all-inclusive premium plan. If you’re looking for the best contract management system to create, track, and store contracts easier, Agiloft can be good for your business.


Active directory integration

Activity tracking

Access Controls/Permissions

Keep contracts at your fingertips with a centralized repository and a lot more.

4. ContractWorks

Price: $700 to $2,000 Per Month

ContractWorks is the next contract management software for those looking to create, design, track, store, and sign contracts at scale. It has strong document storage and security features, milestone alerts, and an audit trail, which make it more valuable than other software. This is used in all sizes of businesses to store, track, and sign contracts at scale because it is very user-friendly and easy to set up and use. It is a more expensive contract management system that is recommended for large size of businesses.

Like other contract management software, it provides two simple pricing plans, including Standard, Professional, or Premium membership.


Automate routine tasks

Contract Database

Contract Attachments

Minimize Risk, etc.

5. Outlaw

Price: $50/month

Outlaw is a great source for those looking to save time drafting, tracking, finalizing, and storing contracts at scale. This can help businesses to secure payments, self-service templates, and real-time notifications. It also offers template creation, team management, reporting, and metric services. Several users can rely on Outlaw because it is one of the newest contract management software solutions in the current industry. However, its pricing plans are more expensive than other contract management systems. Its pricing plans start at $50/month with unlimited contracts and storage.


Unlimited eSignatures

A user-based model

Approval Process

Contract Editing, etc.

6. Signing Off

Price: $14.99 per month

Signing Off is great contract management software that every business needs to use. It can help businesses create new contracts and streamline the negotiation process. If you’re looking for the best contract management system, Signing Off will help your businesses make the contract easy, provide real-time data, and secure payments.


Creation of new contracts

Streamline the negotiation process

Make the contract easy and a lot more.

To conclude:

These solutions are known for providing the best solutions to businesses. These are popular nowadays because they offer a range of features.

To choose the right contract management solution for your business, you may require learning, reading, and plenty of time spent searching online. These are examples of contract management systems. Start an online search to understand more about contract management tools.


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