How to Starting a Successful Career in Journalism

By | April 24, 2023

Nowadays, many people choose journalism as a career path as it is an exciting career professional field that offers a range of career in journalism opportunities from traditional print journalism to digital media. This is an excellent career for every student, no matter your interests or skills.

There are certain universities that offer journalism and its related degrees, including online journalism degrees that can help you provide the education and skills to work in one area or another of journalism. In addition, there are many types of journalism that you need to consider like Broadcast journalist, Editorial assistant, Magazine journalist, Magazine features editor, Newspaper journalist, Political risk analyst, Press sub-editor, and Publishing copy-editor/proofreader. Each of these journalism areas offers a range of job opportunities and challenges. However, which area you choose may depend on your interest, education, skills, and the type of career you are looking for.

Now you might be wondering: “How to Become a Journalist?” Well, there are specific requirements that you need to consider before stepping into this exciting career.

Here, you will find information about how to start a successful career in Journalism.

What Are The Different Careers In Journalism?

Journalism is an exciting professional career field that you need to know. It has different careers that offer a range of job opportunities. Some of the most common careers in journalism background involve print journalism, broadcast journalism, investigative journalism, photojournalism, and online journalism.

Print journalism

Average Salary: $45,908 a year in the US

Print journalism is a known career form for its various job opportunities. It is one of the oldest forms of journalism. It includes writing for newspapers and magazines. Typically, print journalism is responsible for collecting and analyzing facts about newsworthy events through interviews, investigation, and observation.

Broadcast journalism

Average Salary: $58044 per year in the US

Broadcast journalism is another career form in the background of journalism. It involves working on Television or Radio. Broadcast journalists are responsible for researching, investigating, and presenting news and current affairs content for Television, Radio, and Online. Typically, their vision is to offer valuable and unique content through news bulletins, documentaries, and other factual programmes.

Investigative journalism

Average Salary: $67,170 in the U.S.

The next form of journalism field offers a wide range of job opportunities. It is a more rewarding career form than others.

Typically, as an investigative journalist, you will be responsible for building relationships with people who may give sources of information. In addition to building relationships, you will be responsible for keeping across the news agenda to identify any potential stories.


Average Salary: $44815 per year in the United States

Photojournalism is the next career form in the background of journalism. Typically, photojournalists work for independent journalism companies. They arrange photographs in a specific order to tell a story or news, collaborate with other journalists and team members, and extend past the action of taking a photograph related to newsworthy topics.

Online journalism

Average Salary: $53,158 a year in the U.S.

Nowadays, online journalism is expanding due to the rise in digital media outlets such as blogs and websites, there’s the most in-demand career form. Typically, online journalism works for many companies. They write articles about various topics, generate story ideas, or create multimedia content such as breaking news videos. They also visit the scene of breaking news and write stories on them.

How to Build a Successful Freelance Career in Journalism?

We all know that journalism is an exciting professional career field due to the rise in digital techniques. Each year, several students start careers in the background of journalism because it offers a wide range of job opportunities.

Starting a successful career in the background of freelance journalism requires hard work, dedication, and a number of networking. Before building a successful career, you will stay up-to-date on current affairs, trends, and reporting media outlets and techniques. With a strong understanding of the multiple media platforms, you will be beneficial in the background of freelance journalism. Freelance journalism includes magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and other online publication programmes.

Education Requirements for Freelance Journalism Career

While there is no set path to starting a successful freelance journalism career, many hiring professionals related to journalism look for candidates with a related college degree – especially journalism-related degrees such as journalism or communication.

A degree recognised by an accelerated university or institution in the journalism field can offer you a range of opportunities. In addition to a college degree, an online certification in journalism may offer you certain opportunities and help you stand out.

Skills Required for Freelancer Journalism Career

To build a successful freelance journalism career, you may require a lot of skills to work. However, it is a difficult career field for freelancers who do not have any prior skills in journalism. Let’s take a look at freelance journalism career skills.

Great Writing Ability

To build a successful freelance journalism career, you should have a strong understanding of the different topics and write them accurately, error-free, and audience friendly. Without content writing, you will not be able to work as a freelance journalist for companies.

Excellent Communication Skills

You should have strong communication skills to start a successful career in journalism background. You should be able to communicate in English and the local languages where you work.

 Time Management Skills

Time management skills will help you to manage your journalism work timely. You will be able to provide your work to your journalism companies timely. You should have strong time management skills to launch your career in freelance journalism.

Apart from these skills, you may need to have many skills to work as a journalist.

The Advantages of Working in the Journalism Field

Working as a journalist has several advantages that make it an exciting professional field. One of those advantages is the flexibility to work remotely for any company in the journalism field. Several journalism-related companies hire freelance journalists to work with them and offer co-working space or anywhere with an internet connection.

To see what job opportunities are available in journalism, try an online search.


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