Best Postgraduate Courses in Management in Canada

By | January 4, 2023

Check out here the best postgraduate courses in management in Canada.

There is a great demand for people with business management degrees in Canada. People want to know whether pursuing an MBA is worth the time and money. This article will give you a brief overview of the importance of this programme and its benefits. Business administration programmes have recently become popular in Canada. This is due to the booming economy. Everyone knows that business is important and that the economy can fluctuate in a very short period of time; therefore, getting a job in this field is important.

Scope of Business Administration in Canada

Canada has a very huge demand for business management degrees. The scope of business administration in Canada is broad, as this job has many new opportunities. Most job opportunities are in industries that are impacted by globalisation or technology, such as banking, healthcare, or insurance. Other job opportunities lie in industries like mining, manufacturing, and distributive trade.

Institutions offer a business management degree, just like in the United States. The degree will show that the students have thorough knowledge of the basic concepts of accounting, finance, and organisation as a whole. The MBA degree has advanced courses in management, marketing and business strategies.

Fees for Business Administration Schools

Business administration and accounting degrees can be completed in a few years for about $32,000. This is equal to the average length of time to complete other undergraduate degrees such as nursing, at $35,000, and architecture, at $42,000.

Job Roles for Business Administration Students

Students in Business Administration can choose job roles based on their areas of study.If they are interested in accounting, they can join the corporate world and work at an accounting firm. Others can work as financial advisors or in the banking sector. If they have an interest in marketing, they can be marketers at big companies like Ford, Google, or Amazon.

Best Postgraduate Courses in Management in Canada

Here we introduced to you the list of the best postgraduate courses in management in Canada.

Courses in Hotel Management in Canada

Hotel management courses assist you to succeed in any type of management role in the hotel industry. Management of a hotel business is rewarding as well as challenging. To succeed, you need broad and extensive knowledge that covers many different topics. While taking the course, you will get to learn about hotel administration, housekeeping, accounting, catering management, and marketing your business.

There are many different hotel management courses.

Hotel Marketing

A hotel marketing course covers all the different aspects of promoting your hotel. These promotional activities cover both offline and online marketing. For example, distribution management, brand positioning, how to create a compelling web presence, how to strengthen your social media presence, and how to appeal to an increasingly online customer base

Hotel Revenue Management Course

A course that is gaining popularity is revenue management. It is a collection of strategies and techniques for optimising pricing, marketing, and other factors to generate a greater amount of revenue from the hotel that you manage. This course lets you effectively maximise sales of rooms and services.

Food and Beverage Management

Catering is a crucial part of running a hotel. Foods and beverages are linked with the hotel experience, forming a very important element in your business. The right food and drinks offered can make or break your hotel. A course in food and beverage management covers aspects of catering like choosing menus and products and food safety and hygiene.

Courses in Risk Management in Canada

The Canadian Risk Management Course is a widely accepted qualification that provides risk managers with a foundation of knowledge and skills to identify, assess, monitor, and limit risks. This course is recognised by the Risk and Insurance Management Society and awarded by the Global Risk Management Institute.

Risk control

This course teaches you to identify, assess, and manage different types of enterprise risks. These include emerging risks such as cyber security, social media, and climate change, as well as reputational, regulatory, supply chain, legal, property, personnel, and motor fleet risks. You will learn to manage and control the major categories of risks faced by organizations, with an emphasis on insurable risks.

Risk Financing

This course explores and develops risk financing strategies and the selection, implementation, and monitoring of risk financing techniques. Starting with an overview of risk financing and techniques that are used for estimating losses arising from hazards, the course covers alternative financing techniques that include insurance, self-insurance, retrospective rating, reinsurance, captive insurance, and contractual transfer. It also addresses financial risks, capital markets, and the allocation of costs associated with hazard risks.

Foundations of Risk Management

This course enables you to learn risk management processes. It starts with enterprise-wide perspectives on risks and then examines risk identification and analysis tools and techniques that include risk registering and risk mapping. You will get to learn risk management standards and guidelines worldwide as well as other important financial risks such as liquidity and capital investment. Governance and control are used to discuss risk, oversight, monitoring, and assurance.

MBA Supply Chain Management Programs in Canada

Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada is offered through three different courses: MS in Supply Chain, or Masters in Science in Supply Chain; MBA, or Masters in Business Administration in Supply Chain; and MIM, or Masters in Management in Supply Chain. This is a two-year study program. The process of optimising the handling of all goods and services from raw materials to final products delivered to customers is referred to as the supply chain.The Master of Supply Chain Management is a popular course all over the world.

There is a need for such experts due to the advancement of technology and the increased focus on supply chains and globalization. At present, Canada requires 356,000 job openings in the supply chain management sector in the upcoming years. Supply chain management can assist international students in securing managerial positions or tactical roles in different supply chain management fields. Entry-level postgraduates can get high-paying jobs in Canada.


Canada is home to many different job opportunities in global scenarios. With the booming economy of Canada, there is a need for new job opportunities in different fields of industry. There are openings for MBAs in hospitality, marketing, and supply chain management fields for different graduates.


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