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By | January 5, 2023

Explore The Best Order Fulfillment Jobs in the United States.

A fulfillment centre is a warehouse where goods are packed and dispatched to fulfill orders, especially those made online. A fulfillment centre processes and ships orders; when Partner Company receives orders, it processes them for further shipment to customers. In this operation, commonly, pick, pack, and ship are executed. In the process of order fulfillment, it all starts when a customer places an order and ends when the same product is received by the customer. However, if the buyer wishes to return a product, order return is also included in the return transaction.

There are different job positions in a fulfillment center.


A receiver at a fulfillment centre receives incoming shipments. The position comes with a fair amount of responsibility, as you need to record and verify the shipment. You are expected to sign off on the shipment when you confirm that everything that is received is in good condition. As a receiver, you have to unload shipments, check packing lists, check and record damages, and count skids, tubs, boxes, and containers to confirm the number.

General Labor

In a fulfillment centre, general labour has different roles and responsibilities. As a laborer, you have to do janitorial or maintenance tasks like cleaning. In other ways, you might have to assist in rearranging and moving boxes, skids, and tubs.

Fulfillment Associate

A fulfillment associate is a jack of all trades. You might be responsible for packing and picking orders. You may be required to unload incoming shipments or even take inventory.You may even have to work along the dockside to unload incoming shipments. These associates have some experience, or they might have entry-level jobs. You might have been hired to complete one particular task, or your duties may change from day to day according to the needs of the fulfillment center.

Forklift Operators

Shipments have to be moved from one place to another, and the person who moves them is a forklift operator. They transport incoming shipments to designated storage areas and outgoing shipments to a loading dock.The forklift operators assist in organising inventory, often by moving items located on higher shelves. Specific forklift training has to be given to such operators.

Fulfillment Manager

If you have worked in a warehouse for some time and have accumulated some experience, you can apply for the position of warehouse manager. You might have to have experience in almost every aspect of fulfillment, from shipping to receiving to inventory management, and keep an eye on motorised vehicles in and around the warehouse.

Material Handler

Material handlers assist in the picking and packaging of the inventory in the warehouse. A material handler needs to have experience operating a forklift, but they are expected to do many more things in a fulfillment center. They are even expected to operate motorised machines and vehicles like cherry pickers, pallet trucks, and industrial lift trucks. The machines are basically used for stacking and palletizing products as well as loading and filling machines that use both automatic and manual packaging machines.

Shipping and Receiving

A shipping and receiving specialist is a skilled employee who picks and packs orders in addition to receiving shipments.They are responsible for overseeing management tasks such as sequencing orders, checking inventory, controlling quality, and tracking and documenting orders.

Senior Fulfillment Specialist

In a warehouse, the person who is in charge of preparing and processing orders in a timely and efficient manner is known as the senior fulfillment specialist. The main responsibilities of a fulfillment specialist include receiving orders and invoices, understanding the needs of clients, participating in loading and unloading deliveries, locating and obtaining orders from particular areas, monitoring the inventory of products, and devising strategies to optimise the whole process of order fulfillment. As an expert, the fulfillment specialist has to maintain an active communication line with warehouse staff while implementing the company’s policies and regulations.

Managing inventory in the fulfillment centre

Warehouse inventory management is the process by which items are stored in a warehouse or fulfillment center. The stocks here are received, tracked, audited, and managed for order fulfillment. The inventory is maintained, and stocks are replenished when predetermined minimum quantities are reached. The stock is refreshed to an optimal level based on historical sales data. Like broader inventory management processes, warehouse management is focused on managing incoming and outgoing products and tracking items where they are located in the warehouse. From the point of creating purchase orders for suppliers to ensuring safe delivery of goods to customers, the inventory management plan governs all products held by the company. Inventory management is focused on the organisation and tracking of stock while determining how much is in stock storage and how quickly certain items or products are sold.

Fulfillment Specialist Salaries in the United States

According to US government agencies, the average total pay for a fulfillment specialist is $41,035 per year. while the average salary every year is $38,700. These numbers represent the median or midpoint of the ranges from the proprietary total pay estimate model based on salaries that are collected by the workforce. The additional pay of $2338 per year includes cash bonuses, commission, tips, and profit sharing. The most likely range represents values that exist within the 25th to 75th percentile of all pay data available.

Advantages of a Fulfillment Specialist Job

Save time and money.

Order fulfillment is a time-consuming and expensive process, especially for growing businesses. A fulfillment expert helps you save time and money by managing orders and inventory. An order fulfillment associate works for you to understand your unique needs and develop a customised plan to streamline the order fulfillment process. A fulfillment specialist aids you in optimising your inventory management system to reduce waste and minimise costs; as a result, working with a fulfillment expert can save you time and money by ensuring that the orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently.

Prevent Stock-Outs

Avoiding out-of-stock items by keeping track of inventory levels and order patterns can be challenging. A fulfillment expert can help you stay on top of your inventory and avoid stockouts. An order fulfillment associate works with you to keep track of your inventory levels and order patterns. They will help you develop a system that keeps an eye on your inventory and alerts you when a particular item’s level is low. A fulfillment specialist will develop a system for managing your inventory, which can provide advice on how to order products and keep track of your order history.

Seek Professional Help

Many businesses wanted to improve their order fulfillment process, but they did not know where to start. That’s where a fulfillment expert comes into play. A fulfillment expert specialises in order fulfillment and has a deep understanding of the process. An expert can provide valuable advice about the whole process, streamlining your operation and reducing costs. Therefore, it is a valuable resource if you want to take your business to the next level.


As new e-commerce companies are opening every day and new fulfillment centres are being opened, there is a continuous need for a workforce to work in the warehouses of these companies.

Job openings are regular in these companies, and after a few years of experience, you can be recruited for high-paying managerial positions.


Order Fulfillment jobs in the USA