Most Popular MBA Specializations to Consider

By | January 5, 2023

Explore the most popular MBA specializations to consider pursuing.

In today’s era, millions of students are studying MBA in some specializations, such as finance, marketing, human resource, accounting, and even more. Generally, a master of business administration (MBA) is a 2-year postgraduate course offered in many streams in the world. MBA specializations can be learned online anywhere in the world because several universities and institutions offer online MBA courses at affordable costs. But, the actual cost of MBA specializations will depend on the aspirant’s interests.

Nowadays, a master of business administration (MBA) helps students to develop business and management skills among future business leaders and entrepreneurs. Making a career in the business industry after pursuing an MBA in any specialization is relatively easy.

What is an MBA Specializations?

MBA specializations is a postgraduate degree in which many specializations are offered for students looking for a career in business administration. On the other hand, a Master of business administration, formally known as an MBA, is a postgraduate degree focused on business administration and its related functions. Generally, the core course of the master of business administration program includes various areas of business administration, such as finance, marketing, operation management, accounting, health administration, international business, supply chain management, and entrepreneurship.

Apart from covering these business areas, the MBA program provides theoretical and practical training for business or investment management.

Why Do More People Choose An MBA?

Master of business administration (MBA) is an internationally acclaimed degree chosen by individuals wishing to gain knowledge in the business industry. Also, after pursuing an MBA degree in any specialization, the percentage of getting the highest-paying jobs in the business industry is higher than in other industries. Another reason for getting an MBA degree is that several businesses available in the world offer high-paying roles to people.

According to the source, many lakhs of students get maximums after completing MBA degrees. They have made their careers excellent and bright through MBA degrees.

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What Are the Types of MBA Courses?

An MBA is an excellent and flexible degree course that every student may pursue at their comfort. Traditionally, the MBA course was a 2-year regular program. But, there are many multiple options, such as online and distance programs which are suited for working people. There are some types of MBA courses available right now.

Full-Time MBA Course

Part-Time MBA Course

Online MBA Course

Executive MBA Course

Most Popular MBA Specializations in the World

As we told above an MBA is an excellent career way for people who are wishing to build their careers in business administration. Nowadays, there are several popular business schools, universities, and institutions which are offering several MBA degree courses at affordable costs.

Here’s a take a look at the most popular MBA specializations to consider.

1. MBA in Human Resources Management

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree with 55% or above.

This is one of the most popular MBA specializations in the world. An MBA in Human Resources Management or HR is a 2-year degree program that concentrates on recruiting the right people for the job vacancy, managing them, and providing the right direction and guidance to the workforce. Nowadays, top MBA colleges take admission based on the entrance exams, such as CAT, MAT, and even more.

This MBA course is open to people with a graduate degree in any stream. Currently, many students are getting MBA degrees in Human Resources Management (HR) from many reputed colleges across the world.

Best Colleges In The World That Offer MBA Degrees In HR

Let’s look at the best colleges in the world that offer MBA degrees in Human Resources Management.

University of South Australia

Coventry University

Dublin Business School

International University of Applied Sciences

Pace University

2. MBA in Finance

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or education institution.

This is another MBA specialization preferred by individuals who wish to gain knowledge of business, including finance. You might have noticed that some students do MBA in finance because finance is the most popular specialization in MBA courses.

MBA in finance degree prepares individuals for careers in accounting, financial planning, financial budgeting, banking, and even more in the financial sector. Finance is an ever-popular specialization, so everyone needs to get into the top colleges in the world.

In the MBA in finance course, individuals can learn several fundamentals and concepts in finance, including portfolio management, investments, collections, international finance, and even more.

Top Famous Colleges That Offer Online MBA Degrees in Finance

Here’s a look at the best colleges that are offering online MBA degrees in finance.

Stanford University

Columbia Business School

University of Pennsylvania

3. MBA in Information Technology

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree in any discipline with an aggregate of 50% marks.

This is the most popular MBA specialization preferred by individuals who wish to build their careers in information technology. MBA in Information Technology or IT is a 2-year MBA specialization for people who wish to learn about business and information.

Currently, many people consider information technology to pursue the MBA degree because it is another MBA course that will pay maximum in the future after completing it from an accredited university. But, the cost of an MBA in IT can be different from one college to another college in the world.

MBA in IT covers several areas like online marketing strategy, finance, marketing, and e-commerce in the first year. Apart from these, this MBA course covers some business-related topics and fundamentals, which makes it more popular than other MBA courses.

Top colleges for MBA in Information Technology

Let’s take a look at the list of the top colleges for an MBA in IT.

London Business School

Harvard University

MIT Sloan School

4. MBA in Accounting

Eligibility: Must have passed a bachelor’s degree after completing school (10 +2).

One of the most popular MBA streams in the world, this is a 2-year degree program for individuals who want to gain knowledge in accounting. On the other hand, this is a professional two-year graduate course that focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of disciplines including accounting, finance, online marketing, and even more.

Now, there is broad scope for higher education after getting an MBA degree in accounting. To get an MBA degree in accounting, individuals can count on these colleges which are available in 2023.

Best colleges for MBA in Accounting

Here we shared a list of the best colleges for MBA in accounting courses.

Harvard University

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

University of Oxford

5. MBA in Entrepreneurship

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree or a diploma endorsement, or an equivalent qualification

This is another popular MBA course or degree preferred by many people. This is the perfect specialization for people who want to start a successful business venture. Like other MBA degree programs, this is a 2-year degree program spread across four semesters.

On the other hand, this MBA course prepares individuals to become successful independent entrepreneurs. Also, this course covers some areas of entrepreneurship like Management Process & Organization Behavior, Research Methodology, Production & Operations Management, Strategic Management & Business Policy, and even more.

Top colleges for MBA in Entrepreneurship

Stanford University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

University of California

To conclude:

After getting them from accredited universities in the world, all of these online MBA courses are really known for giving many benefits. We shared a list of some colleges as per the MBA specializations. If you pursue an MBA degree in any stream, you need to complete the eligibility criteria and other factors.

To know more details, please try an online search.


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