A Simple Guide on Data Entry Jobs for freshers

By | June 17, 2024

If you have good typing skills with accuracy and can work under deadlines, then a data entry job is a good career for you. You can work from home and complete the assignments before the due period. A job in data entry can take you to work for different industries, like matrimonial sites, or various other industries where typing is required. There are large hiring of data entry operators among different sectors. If you wonder how to get a data entry job, it is worth noting that data entry jobs are mainly available in an independent consultant structure. They are also available as full-time, part-time, or freelancer job positions. In most cases, work-from-home offers work-from-home flexibility, if you want to know how to get a work from home job then read this blog post.

Meaning And Definition Of Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is the work process where information and records are updated in a database or computer system. Data entry operators use computers and data processing programmes to input information. A data entry job includes transcribing data from recordings or phone conversations. While most data entries are handled electronically, some require paper documentation, which depends on the employer.

Requirements for Data Entry Skills and Experience

Most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent from applicants to start a data entry career. But in some cases sometimes a bachelor’s degree may be required. Academic qualifications are pinpointed clearly before a potential data entry job interview. You might have to undergo a data entry test, which measures the accuracy of the data you provide as input. Knowing how to use data processing software is sometimes required, so many employers look for candidates who are proficient in working with platforms like Microsoft Office or the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program.

Skills required for data entry jobs

Data entry operator jobs require workers to have detail-oriented technical and soft skills. The vital combination of skills enables data entry technicians to provide input and maintain data correctly and efficiently. While the data on which work has to be done depends on the industry type, some universal skills still apply.

Technical Skills

Technical skills are essential for data entry jobs. They must show strong research abilities along with the following technical skills.

Deep understanding of Spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

Knowledge of word processors like Microsoft Word

Good typing and transcription skills, along with typing at fast speeds,

Ability to research and collect data.

Soft Skills

Just like other careers need soft skills there is also need of soft skills in Data entry jobs. Career skills including detail orientation, communication, and organization must accompany technical abilities in a data entry position. Employers seeking data entry operators seek the following from a good candidate: Accuracy and attention to detail

Strong verbal and written language skills

Time management with a multitasking attitude.

Ability of a person to work independently or in a team with a polite nature

Lastly, the job requires a candidate to be job-oriented

If you are seeking to be a part of a professional data entry career as a professional, many employers are hiring entry-level data entry jobs, providing a great way to start on-the-job entry training and thus gain experience.

A Guide on Data Entry Operator Jobs

A data entry operator job is meant for a person who can type at a very fast speed. The operator must type 150+ keystrokes per minute. The company must ensure that they are suitable for the job and can have an individual like this do all their data entry work. The job requires entering data from one place to another and thus ensuring that it is correct through the verification of source data. The job necessarily requires copying and pasting data from one place to another. As every work has a deadline, therefore, data entry work also has a deadline given to it. They have to enter the data from a computer where it can be used for different purposes. In companies, their job is to make their data secure and safe and trace the same from one place where it can be easily found.

Salaries Offered To Data Entry Operators In The USA

The average salary offered to data entry operators in the USA is $29,250 annually, or you can say they receive $14 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $26,400 per year, while experienced workers may get $38,617 per year. Other factors that determine the pay for data entry clerks depend on different tasks like customer service or administrative office duties. If we take an example of a data entry operator working in travel and tourism, the operator must be required to keep track of client bookings and reservations and schedule any changes or cancellations.

Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Here we shared a list of legitimate online data entry jobs with no investment.


It is an online platform for freelancers to work as graphic designers, writers, translation, marketing, and data entry. To get success on this platform, you must create a profile to showcase your skills and apply for relevant jobs. You can work on Fiverr and can earn up to tasks starting from $5 to $500.


This Is one another online platform to work for data entry jobs without investment. Here, freelance data entry operators can complete the projects for payment. Here too, freelancers can create a profile that displays their skills and qualifications.


It is one of the best online job platforms where you can find hundreds of available jobs at one single location. Once signed up, you can get access to a range of different home-based data entry jobs, as it is a remote job platform. It is an easy-to-use site that offers job opportunities directly from legitimate employers.

AccuTran Global

It is one another data entry job providing portal. The platform hires freelancers to work as transcriptors, captioning voice writing, content writing, and other tasks. The platform is based in Canada and hires from the UK. To be hired as a DEO, a minimum of 70 words per minute typing speed is necessary.


There are many data entry jobs available for good candidates with nice earning potential. If you have good typing skills and speed, you can make a good career in this field.


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