Data Science Courses to Help You Become a Data Scientist

By | January 23, 2023

The amount of data is increasing every day, and by automating processes, there has been an elimination of mechanical tasks. Companies are feeling a compelling need for skilled data scientists that can bridge the huge gap in the demand and supply of data scientists. Data scientists can refine and produce relevant information from different databases. A data scientist needs to have strong knowledge of mathematics, statistics, optimization methods, and programming languages. The data scientist must analyse real data and thus develop predictive models. Below are some of the best data science courses which are `offered in India.

Data Science Courses to Consider

Here we shared a list of the top data science courses which will help you in becoming a data scientist.

UpGrad: A Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science from IIT Bangalore

The PG Diploma in Data Science from IIT Bangalore is ranked as the number one data science program. With its online classroom learning mode, it is the best alternative for students who are interested in learning data science. 30% of this course is made up of offline meetings and industry-driven networking sessions. This opens up an opportunity for students to have real meetings with their fellow learners as well as mentors. It is a 330-day course that covers 12 intermediate-level modules.

Great Learning: PGP Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

It is a course offered by Great Learning, which is a well-known ed-tech company that assists students in building a strong career. Great Lakes and Texas McCombs are academic partners of this course; therefore, you get a dual certification from Great Lakes and the University of Texas at Austin after completion of the course. This course consists of a comprehensive syllabus that covers topics like statistics using R and analytical techniques and provides real-time industry exposure to the participants. It is a 12-month course with 15 modules. This course gets updated every six months according to market demand.

Manipal ProLearn: A postgraduate certificate programme in data science and machine learning.

This course is a fantastic resource for data scientist students, as it was designed in collaboration with Gramener, which is the industry leader in data science consulting. On successful completion of this course, you will earn a joint certificate from Manipal ProLearn, MAHE, and Gramener. It covers data science tutorials through tools like Excel, R, Python, Hadoop, Pig, and Apache Spark. Apart from advanced data science learning, this course opens opportunities for networking with data scientist hiring companies and grants lifetime alumni privileges. This course has 300 hours of online learning covered in three modules.

Jigsaw Academy’s Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

This is a great course for students seeking to learn data science and machine learning. This course is jointly offered by three well-known institutions: the University of Chicago’s Graham School, IBM, and Jigsaw Academy. The educators at these institutes offer video sessions to groom every candidate’s analytical skills. The module of this programme is a blend of excellent data science learning and deep learning concepts, and it covers visualisation and project management applications. This is an instructor-led online classroom course with a duration of 10 months. This course has 11 modules and offers guaranteed internships to eligible candidates at top companies.

Imarticus: Data Science Prodegree

If you are looking for global certification in data science, then the Imarticus Data Science Prodegree programme is tailored for you. This course has 187 modules and submodules with 120 hours of instructor-led online classes on data science and an additional 60 hours of self-paced tutorials. Genpact, which is a leading professional service brand delivering digital transformation, has played a pivotal role in designing the course content so that market-ready data scientists with good analytical skills can be produced. This course is taught using SAS, R, Python, and Tableau.

Coursera: Stanford Machine Learning Course

This is a machine learning course by Andrew Ng, who was the former director of Google’s Brain Deep Learning project and is currently the founder of Landing AI and a co-founder of Coursera. This is one of the most well-known online machine learning courses, and it covers a variety of case studies and real-time applications on smart robots. Taking lectures directly from the market leader expands the credibility of every data science student; therefore, it is one of the favorite courses of every data science student. This is a 56-hour online learning programme that covers 11 modules.

Udacity: Data Science Programming with R

This course, offered by Udacity in collaboration with Mode, delivers a complete package for learners to learn R and other fundamentals of data science. Once you finish the course, it will help you command R, SQL, the command line, and Git. It is a three-month course with real-time data science projects.

Udacity: Become a Data Analyst

This course is offered by Udacity in collaboration with Kaggle and Mode. This is a 4-month course that helps advance programming skills and offers great data science guidance for handling messy datasets. Candidates having experience with Python, Numpy, Pandas, and SQL can take this course to brush up on their practical skills. It also covers real-world projects like determining weather trends. This is a four-month course that focuses on real-time data science projects.

Udemy: Data Science Course

With over 1 lakh enrollments to date, this course is one of the best-selling data science courses. This course was developed by 365 Careers and covers a wide range of data science online training with comprehensive resources. The language of this course is easy to understand, and a person without prior knowledge of data science can begin at the beginning and learn data science effectively. This is a 4-month online learning course focused on machine learning concepts. This is a 27-hour video course on demand that includes 88 articles and 146 downloadable resources.

Simplilearn: Certified Data Science Expert

This course on data science is based on emerging data science applications and practices. It equips the learners with conceptual and technical data science skills that are required to resolve business problems in different industries. This course is a combination of three courses, and the learners get three certificates after completing the entire syllabus.

Amity Online University: Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science (PGD-DS)

Amity’s programme in data science is offered in collaboration with eCornell by embracing cutting-edge data science technologies. The key trait of this course is its world-class faculty, like Chris Anderson, who is a professor at Cornell University. Candidates appearing for this course get a number of opportunities from brands like Google,, and BookMyShow. This course focuses on data science with Python and R, with an emphasis on machine learning and big data analytics. This is a 12-month online, self-paced video course. This is an internationally recognized certificate course offered by Amity University and Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business.